Theta Brainwave Entrainment, One Week After Completion

Theta Chamber 21 Day Program Completed, Now What?

We (my husband, Larry and I) have finished the twenty-one day program where we go to the Light Space Health Center and spend thirty minutes in the Theta Chamber and either the Red Light Therapy Bed or another detox therapy.  So now what do we do?

After Care

First everyone has to decide if they want to buy their home unit to continue to use the Program.  This was a no-brain er and I included the cost of our unit at sign-up with the program.  From what I have heard, everyone has bought their unit.  Why would you not?

For the rest of your life you have access to all you need to get through life’s hard places.  The death of a loved one, job loss, divorce, marriage, a move, what ever large life changes positive or negative that happen in your life.  Even life’s medium and  small challenges can all be helped by having access to the home unit.

For the six months after the completion of the twenty-one day program I will continue to use the home unit twice a day.  First thing in the AM is the best time to use for the first time each day.  Starting your day on the right foot just makes sense to me.  Actually if someone gets up early for work I would say set your clock for 33 minutes earlier than usual, turn off the alarm, turn on the home unit, get set up and then fall asleep again for the next thirty minutes while your brain absorbs the program.

I will continue to use the program after Larry leaves for work at 5:30 AM.  I usually don’t fall asleep when it’s on but maybe I will get use to it and be able to fall asleep.  If I was not up so long  getting his breakfast, lunch, coffee and other things ready, I think it would be easy to sleep while using the equipment.

So the after care is simple, listen to the program two times a day for six months.  After that use when needed.

What Changes Have I Noticed

If you have read the first post on the Theta Chamber (tc 3000), then you know why I did the chamber in the first place.

Memory/ Enhanced Learning Program

Memory/ Enhanced Learning Program started out easy to track, I now remember people’s names.  I never did before, I would have to see a person and hear their name many times before ( if I was lucky)  I would remember their name.  This is really great!

I didn’t have share buttons on this blog until about ten days ago.  Visitors kept asking where are the Like button or Twitter, I looked for widgets picked one I liked and added it. I have put that off for a year.    Now it’s well find one I like and lets give it a go. Enhanced Learning Program was and is kicking in.

I know in the following weeks and months  the Memory/ Enhanced Learning Program will become more visible to me as I program my auto-responder with my e course about MLM and other projects I have had in the works and was slowly learning what I needed to complete them.  I already have glimpses of how I am picking up the understanding of what I need quicker than I was before.  This is an exciting time in my life and I can’t wait to see where it leads me.

Weight Control/Depression Program

At the beginning I didn’t know that weight Control Program was with Depression. Now I see why it is a perfect fit.  Many different things determine weight gain and loss.  For older women, like myself, all our hormones play a significant part in the story but so do our learned habits through our many years.

I still ate at sixty what I ate at twenty and thirty years of age.  I was more active, raising my daughter, working outside the home then I am now.  I had acquired habits over the years, like always eating everything on my plate, even if I was getting full.  I for one never  or hardly ever gave these ‘habits’ a second thought. Now I do.  If I am getting full I stop.

If I pass through the kitchen and I stop at the refrigerator and look inside I don’t mindlessly grab something. I stop and think, I am not hungry, I don’t really want this, I close the fridge and continue on my way.

Lots of small changes in my attitude and habits towards eating and food that I contribute to the Weight Control/Depression Program.

Anxiety Program

I did not think I needed the Anxiety program when Loren Swensen first told me it was included in my program, everyone’s program I think.  Loren said everyone needs  the Anxiety Program just for driving.  It did not take me long to realize how correct Loren was.  I wouldn’t be without the Anxiety Program now.  I am sooooo much calmer now, cool as a cucumber as the saying goes.  To be 100% honest not calm all the time but I recover quicker if I do get my feathers ruffled.

My belief systems, mental block, false beliefs and my sub conscious mind!

My belief systems, false beliefs, mental blocks and my ever present sub conscious mind were the areas I really wanted to see changes, I have spent much time and money over the decades on self-improvement and trying to change my sub conscious belief system. I have had  success but it seemed a never-ending process.  I’m sixty for cry-in out loud, I want it done already.

Success at last! I wish this was available to me when I was in high school.  But we can’t go back, only forward, and I am grateful I could do the Theta Chamber  now. All the traumatic and painful memories have become only silent pictures and silent movies.  The emotions have separated and been released, is the best I can explain.

This one area is worth the cost of the program all by its self.

Am I glad I did this program?  YES

Would I do it again, knowing what I know now?  YES

Would I recommend this program to others?  A resounding YES! to everyone

I will do a monthly update for the next six months.  What changes I have seen and how everything is going.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally




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