Theta Brainwave Entrainment, 21 Day Program,day 21 Review

Theta Chamber Day 21 Observations

Today is day 21 of a 21 day program, I should be saying great job I finished.  As you know if you have read a few of my other posts on the Theta Chamber that we (my husband Larry and I) will actually be doing the program for 26 days.  The five extra days because our home unit was not available for the first five days.  This I think was and is great for us, we get five extra days in the Theta Chamber, I get extra days in the Red Light Therapy Bed and Larry can get in a few extra Infrared Sauna sessions.

A few posts back I gave the Theta Chamber Program;

  • Theta Chamber everyday except Sundays
  • Home unit everyday 2 times on Sundays
  • Nutritional s – SOLEX INNERgy’s Multi-POWER Vitamin-Mineral,
    SOLEX INNERgy’s INNERzymes and INNERgy Greens 21
  • Detox Therapies – Infrared Sauna, Red Light Therapy, Foot Bath
  • Doctor visits – if are reducing and getting off drugs
  • Natural Emotional Releasing Therapies – such as Rapid Eye Technology and others
  • Therapist or Life Coach sessions when needed

I  showed you the Nutritional s  and why they are important. Today I would like to tell you a little about the Detox Therapies and why they are important to the program.

Why Is Detoxification Important

The past 150 years have been a time of incredible progress in medicine, science and industry. Because of these advancements we now enjoy longer, more productive lives.  There are many who pay a  high price for our modern lifestyle. The by-products of our chemical technology have resulted in  contamination of the air we breath,the water we drink, our lakes, oceans and soil. Our natural environment is now permeated by a barrage of “synthetic” substances.

Today we are exposed to chemical concentrations far greater than were our ancestors. Although the human body is known to be accommodating , ecological alterations are now occurring at a faster rate than our bodies are able to adapt. We are now faced with a situation where inadequacies or uncertainties based around the manufacturing, use, storage, and disposal of toxic chemicals, have resulted in an overwhelming number of environmentally induced illnesses.

There is a wealth of scientific evidence showing that thousands of drugs, preservatives, pesticides, and other pollutants remain stored in the body long after exposure.  A organochlorinated pesticide such as the metabolites of DDT have a half-life of between 20 and 50 years in the fat deposits of humans. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over 400 chemicals have been detected in human tissue; 48 were found in adipose tissue, 40 in breast-milk, 73 in the liver and over 250 in the blood.

The Red Light Therapy I have written about in many posts so I will talk about the Infrared Sauna.

Infrared Sauna

Here are many of the major benefits of the infrared sauna and why they are one of the detox therapies.

1. Speed Recovery from Injuries, bringing oxygen to joints and extremities, relieving pain and reducing the time it takes the human body to recover from an injury.
2. You sweat much more heavily and at a lower temperature.

3. The composition of your sweat is different from that produced in a traditional (Finnish-style) sauna —- the sweat produced is loaded down more with toxins, including unwanted chemicals and heavy metals.

4. The heat penetrates deeper, so the effects reach deeper.
5. You achieve — in less time — more benefits of the infrared sauna time you put in. (This is one of the most critical benefits of the infrared sauna in our busy world!)

6. People  will be able to safely and comfortably use an infrared sauna who can’t tolerate a regular sauna.

7. You use up more calories while you’re sweating —-   burning calories and not just losing water weight.

8. It won’t raise your blood pressure and may even lower it.
9. It’s easier on your lungs and eyes.

Tomorrow I hope to have information on the food bath.  They don’t really work the way we have been told they work. Loren told me about them and I want to get the info correct so I will wait until I get the correct scoop.

My Observations

Really what I wrote yesterday (click here) about my experiences says it all.  Well all that I have to say today. I am about talked out and could use a change of pace. Having Larry and myself completing this program at the same time with all the extra time devoted to the program is starting to wear on me.  I am looking forward to Saturday as that is the last day for the Theta Chamber.  I really do like it and received tremendous benefit from it but now I want to get on with my life. On with the business of living.

Tomorrow I will tell you what we do after the 21 Day Program is complete.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally

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