Theta Brainwave Entrainment, 21 Day Program, day 20 Review

Theta Chamber Day 20 Observations

If you have read one or all of my posts on my time in the Theta Chamber (tc 3000)  then I’m not sure you have gotten the  “Full Meal Deal” because I am doing the Theta Chamber for what I would call side, personal, get the best from my brain and get rid of old crap reasons. I have to say it has done a marvelous job of helping me release the emotions attached to past experiences, I can “watch or see” them and they are just pictures, silent movies of my past now.

What the Theta chamber can do for people with Alcohol,  Drug and Sexual Addictions, Depression, Insomnia, children with learning disabilities like ADHD, people of all ages with mental challenges  and more.  This is the true power and purpose of the tc 3000.

I was reading a folder Loren gave me on the Theta Chamber and research on the different modalities, it is fa nominal what this program can do.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)

On Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)  people with addictions CES halts and significantly reverses brain dysfunction in these patients as measured on seven different psychological scales of cognitive function, bringing many such functions back to the level of the per-addiction state in the majority of patients studied.

Another way CES  helps chemically dependent persons is the often recurring ‘dry drunk’ followed by ‘dry withdrawal’ in which the person suffers withdrawal symptoms after

treatment within several weeks, and then again several months later.  These psychological states lead to high rates of “falling off the wagon”.

CES is one of the most effective, non-drug treatments for these periods of withdrawal and a person with a home CES unit (part of our home unit) should be able to prevent a full-blown withdrawal reaction at such times. (see study here)  Now we know why some people can go through a treatment, get off their addictive substance but relapses weeks or months later. I, for one, did not know this.  Health Ranger article on CES,   another site here.

This is a small look at only one of the therapies in the Theta chamber. When all the forms of stimulation/therapy are combined and synchronized together, they elicit a very powerful and pronounced neurological response.  Helping to restore chemical balance to the brain.  This often results in feeling a sense of calm, being deeply relaxed and experiencing enhanced mental clarity.

Theta chamber

I certainly can a test to the – feel a sense of calm, being deeply relaxed and experiencing enhanced mental clarity.  When my session is over in the Theta Chamber and on the home unit I am deeply relaxed and my mental focus is usually sharp as a tack.  The feeling of peace and calm when asked about or thinking of past memories is exceptional.  I can remember any memory (so far) and the emotions are not attached to the memory.  Think what this could do for people suffering from PTSD.  This is my experience and I can not speak for other people but I know how traumatic some areas of my past have been and now they are  silent pictures.

Anxiety Program

I am blown away with the changes I have seen in myself in this area.  I didn’t really think I had a problem, least not much of a problem.  I always looked or tried to look on the bright side of things.  Sure more short-tempered than I use to be but just a little stressed.  Boy I had the wool pulled over my own eyes on this one.  I am so much more at ease and relaxed.  Anxious or stressed what ever I was is no more.

Depression/Weight Control Program

I didn’t know at first that the Weight Control Program was part of the Depression Program.  Now I can see that they have a part in each other.  Mindless munching, boredom eating, not stopping till I would finish my plate even thou I knew I was getting full. Oh just a few bites left I won’t waste it,  well why the heck not?   I’m an adult now (have been for a long time)  if I leave food on my plate because I’ve had enough, who’s going to do anything about it? The food police?  Really, I can hardly believe the excuses I would tell myself.

The Theta Chamber helped me see myself through the glasses of reality and self-responsibility not excuses and maybe a little touch of self-delusion as before.

Memory/ Enhanced Learning Program

The Memory/ Enhanced Learning Program has been the hardest to pin down all the changes.  I remember people’s names now, I try more things on the computer when writing this blog.  As I have stated on other days we, Larry and I, are so busy that I have let all other areas of my life go for the time of this program. A person can only do so much and this program was number 1 for me and I made sure it stayed number 1.

I’m sure that as I get back to my “work” I will see more and more changes in the areas of memory and enhanced learning.  It’s hard to see these things when I am not “doing” anything that could show off these programs.

Create the Life You want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally


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