Theta Brainwave Entrainment, 21 Day Program, day 19 Review

 Theta Chamber Day 19 Observations

Today is a Saturday so we went to the Light Space Healing Center earlier in the day.  It dawned on me while Claudia (the owner of Light Space Healing Center) and I were talking about the short videos we will shoot next week on various subjects that I have never told you all the different parts of the program.  I have mostly been telling you my observations and not the rest of the story.

21 Day Theta Chamber Program

  • Theta Chamber everyday except Sundays
  • Home unit everyday 2 times on Sundays
  • Nutritional s – SOLEX INNERgy’s Multi-POWER Vitamin-Mineral,
    SOLEX INNERgy’s INNERzymes and INNERgy Greens 21
  • Detox Therapies – Infrared Sauna, Red Light Therapy, Foot Bath
  • Doctor visits – if are reducing and getting off drugs
  • Natural Emotional Releasing Therapies – such as Rapid Eye Technology and others
  • Therapist or Life Coach sessions when needed

I will have video explaining some of these parts I have not spent time on.  Each of them are important for the success of the program.  If you are low or deficient in vitamins or minerals and other nutrients your body and brain will have a harder time.

If your body is full of toxins from the food you eat, water you drink, cleaning products you use in your home and personal care products, the air you breath and even the natural everyday body processes  then the body and brain can not function properly.

All these areas  combine to produce the desired results.

Nutritional s

I know and have been using the nutritional s in this program since they were first introduced.  I am an Associate for SOLEX.  I can a test to the quality of these products and Loren Swensen is the founder of SOLEX and he asks for the best and only takes the best in product development.

SOLEX INNERgy Vitamin-Mineral  is superior to all other multivitamins available in drug, health food or big box stores.

  SOLEX INNERgy INNERzymes  an incredible new product for digestive health.

SOLEX INNERgy Greens 21  When your lifestyle is constantly on the go and eating healthy is a challenge, INNERgy Greens 21™ is here to supplement your body with bountiful wholesomeness direct from mother nature.

See my blog article on how to buy these products yourself at wholesale prices.

Red Light Therapy

I did  two Red Light Therapy sessions  today. (to make up for not doing one yesterday)  I will really miss not having these 15 minute sessions daily.  The bed has Red Light and Far Infrared Light.  I have several Far Infrared light devices at home that are fantastic at helping the body heal diseased and damaged cells but I don’t have anything even close to the Red Light Therapy Bed and how it makes you feel and how fast the Red light helps the skin.

I thought you might like to hear from another person who is just starting week 2 of the Theta Program.  Her name is Cam Williams and she was in the video with Larry in the Theta Chamber.

Till tomorrow.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally

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