Theta Brainwave Entrainment, 21 Day Program, day 18 Review

Theta Chamber Day 18 Observations

I found a video that you can hear one of the therapies and read more about it.  This is better if you use a headset.  With a headset you can hear the sounds exactly the way we do in the Theta Chamber and on the home unit.

Brain wave entrainment benefits on improving your overall well being. One of the benefits of this therapy is inducing relaxation and focus. If the brain is stimulated by a constant, tonal stimulus, it can be trained to let go of your anxious mentality and to adopt a more relaxed and flexible state.

A relaxed state means that you will now be able to sleep easier and better, alleviate headaches, improve breathing and blood circulation, and even help you cut habits caused by stress, like smoking or binge eating.

Another way of doing this is by using a particular set of waves to direct your brain to become more focused and energetic in creating ideas and thoughts. This therapy has also released programs that can help with physical ailments, focused on reducing swelling and pain, decreasing muscle spasm and improving mobility and help your body lose weight.

Spiritually and emotionally speaking, brainwave entrainment can also help enhance your mental wellness by promoting peace of mind and a relaxed mental awareness state, increase body awareness and mind-body connection, improve stress detection and adaptability responses and leave you with a sense of improved overall well being.

This Brainwave entrainment session is designed to to take you into a theta state of creative awareness which can inspire creativity by helping you reach a deeper meditative state.

When we are awake we are usually in beta state of around 12Hz to 40Hz, whereas when we are asleep we go into theta states of around 4Hz to 7Hz.

You can use this Brainwave Entrainment session to reach theta states where you can enjoy the following benefits of deep meditation:

Increased creativity and inspiration
Immune system boost
Increased mental focus

It has helped me personally reach altered states of awareness where the connection with the divine becomes more distinct.

You should focus on your third eye during your meditation with this session and feel the cosmic force transmit new information directly to your consciousness.

This powerful 50 minute isochronic brainwave entrainment session is designed to envelope your consciousness in a state of creative awareness where the cosmic energy of infinite love will be transmitted through your chakras to ignite the creative spark of genius you were born with.

visit for a free download of some mind enhancing and dna activating brainwave entrainments, sounds, music and meditations, isochronic tones

Add five additional therapies plus the Theta Chamber it’s self and you can see how powerful The 21 Day Theta Chamber Program is.

All my life I have slept like a baby. Asleep within ten to fifteen minutes of going to bed and I sleep through the night. There have been days where life situations have kept me awake at nite but these have been the exception to the rule and not my norm. Just this morning Larry mentioned he has been sleeping deeper and more sound than he can remember ever sleeping.  He has also experienced some very lucid dreams the past few weeks on several occasions.

It seems like I don’t require quite as much sleep as I have in the past, I am more alert when I wake at 4:50 AM and after I complete my programs in the morning I think I could stay up.  I have been getting my two additional hours in the morning after Larry leaves for work mostly because of the added brain work I know I’ll be doing with the Theta Chamber and the additional programs at night.  Some-days this feels like finals week in school when you are cramming for tests and after you are mentally drained, this is a lot of processing.

The Depression/Weight Control Program

It has been another week and I have on the scale lost one pound.  My clothes however are a better gauge of what is happening.  I have lost inches all over, my waist, upper arms, thighs and hip measurements are all smaller than last week.  This makes for a very happy and delighted Juanita. Now for tightening the skin on the body.

I have to say that the Weight Control Program,  what ever and how ever it does what it does, is utterly fantastic! As “they” say change your brain and you change your life is true.  This is the easiest and should be lasting way to release extra weight and change your relationship with food.  I eat healthy – free range meats, organic veggies and no processed foods.  If we eat it I make it from scratch.  Well unless we eat out, then I know it’s not free range and organic but then it’s  not often we eat out.  Anyway, it’s not what I eat so much as how and why that is changing and that is what I need.  Others may need to change the type of foods they eat and other aspects of their relationship with food, I can’t speak for those things but I know for me this is great.

Anxiety Program

The Anxiety Program has me chilling more and more as the days go by.  The last few years what would sometimes set me off just does not ruffle my feathers any longer.  If my feathers do start to ruffle I can smooth them down again quickly.

Synergie and Ultra Sonic Facials

These therapies are not part of the Theta Chamber program. I decided while I was here at the Light Space Healing Center  that I would try some of the other services they offer. I am absolutely delighted and grateful for the chance to try these therapies.  They are things I am almost 100% sure I would not have  even thought of trying if I had not come here for the Theta Chamber.  I would have been my loss and now I will continue to explore this line of skin care in the future.  At the end of next week I will post a before and after picture and the women who see that post will truly be amazed and I hope inspired to try some of these therapies too.

Synergie and the Ultra Sonic have tightened my skin (my jowls and lines around my mouth) as only (I thought) a facelift of some sort could do. I do not want my face cut and what ever else they have to do to tighten the skin. I’m glad I now know there are easier, gentler ways of doing this.

I can not believe this but I forgot to do my 15 minutes of Red Light Therapy.  I guess I was so relaxed and mellow from the facial and ecstatic from the results I just forgot.  I’ll see if maybe I can’t sneak in one extra tomorrow.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally

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