Theta Brainwave Entrainment, 21 Day Program, day 17 review

Theta Chamber Day 17 Observations

I can not believe it has been seventeen days since we started the Theta Chamber. Four more days and we would have completed the Theta Chamber.  If you have not followed every post, Larry and I did not have our home unit till day six. That means we were only coming and doing the Theta Chamber and other therapies at the Light Space Healing Center for the first five days and not also using the portable unit at home.  Our unit was held up in transit. This is really good actually great news for Larry and myself.  Larry, because he can have a few more Infrared Saunas and me I get the Red Light Therapy and one more facial.

Yes, I did shoot some video and my free time is so short, I am still in the process of readying the videos for the blog.  I have decided it is much easier and smarter to just go with the flow.  I will get the videos done when I get them done and no longer hold up blog posts trying to do both on this crazy schedule. I will tell you when I post video and on which blog post I have posted it on.  I will be inserting video threw out all the 21 days.

Theta Chamber

My brain is incredibly clear and alert, more so than I have experienced in years. Like I said in an earlier post I will be renewed both inside (my brain) and the outside (my skin) when this is complete. A new lease on life! Ever looked back on some things you have done or were done to you and thought if I could live that part of my life again I would do things differently? My life now would be so different.  In a way that is how I feel, not that I would live my life differently but it is like I am starting over.

When I am in the Theta Chamber and at home doing my programs, thoughts, pictures and whole movie sequences of parts of my past come rolling into my conscious mind.  Some have always been charged with emotion and feeling as they were happening. I was reliving the event again and again. The last week has been the same except for one Hugh difference, all the emotions, feeling have been discharged. I have watched these events go by and I would consciously remark to myself – owe that was a bad one, I remember that one – it sent me for a loop, yes I will do that one differently if it  ever happens again etc..  It is like watching a silent movie of parts of your life and they are just parts of your past, no more emotions or feeling they just were…  I look and say go to my Library if I ever need to see you again I know where you are and that is it. That is that but that is Hugh!

The reason I brought this up is, I was talking to Cam (the woman in the video hooking Larry into the Theta Chamber) she is going though the Theta Chamber also and works at the Light Space Healing Center. We were talking as she was relating what has happened to her and memories.  Some of her bad ones will come out in the chamber or at night in dreams and wake her up in a terror.  Now however the agitated feelings stay for about twenty minutes and disappear where as before she said she would have agonized over them for several days.  Two different people and two different ways of clearing past emotions and both quickly.  Now if  Larry could tell us what has happened with him we would have the views of three people.  I don’t think Larry is ready for that.

Please leave comments or questions below and I will get to them as fast as possible.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy these posts.

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