Theta Brainwave Entrainment, 21 Day Program, day 16 Review

Theta Chamber Day 16 Observations

Memory and Enhanced Learning Program

Yesterday, day 16, while in the Theta Chamber I was thinking about what kinds of changes have I experienced and it came to me, this one is a big one for me.  I knew all the names of the women who work at the Light Space Healing Center. Now you may be thinking big deal, well it is a big deal for me because I never remembered people’s names.  I would have to see a person many, many times before I remembered their name and that’s if I was really trying to remember.  To be completely truthful I did call Cheleste, Celeste  by mistake.  I have never heard the name Cheleste. I really didn’t hear anyone call her name clear enough for me to ‘hear’ the Ch and not Celeste which is a name I really like.

The video for yesterday, I had to try two or three things I had never done before to get that video up.  When I use EVP it’s a snap, a no-brainer but as I said I couldn’t for some reason get it to upload into my S3 account. I tried several different approaches to see if they would work, things I had never done and struck out three times. No big deal (the Anxiety Program at work?) I kept trying different things and figured it out all on my own. Great!  I must confess I did try calling my computer angel Sherry Petty after the third try but she was not home. ( It’s getting late and I have to get ready to leave to pick up Larry and drive to the Theta Chamber for today, that’s why I wanted Sherry’s help.)   I kept trying different things until one worked.

I would say those two things are big changes  and I’m sure there are others I just don’t realize yet. The Memory and Enhanced Learning Program at work. I am so busy, with all the traveling and such, I don’t have time to look and see.

Anxiety Program

Loren Swensen was correct when he said everyone could use the Anxiety Program.  My daughter called yesterday and was taking a college test on-line and the site went down. She was very upset () and as I was talking to her I thought how much the Anxiety Program could help her. Not just yesterday but in her everyday life.  Jen works full-time (Ohio Air Guard) has four children and is currently raising them alone ( ages 15 to 3 years old).  Her life is stress from morning till night.

Today, keep my fingers crossed, Loren Swensen will have time to answer some questions on video and starting tomorrow I will put some up.  This really is an amazing program and I want to really give it justice with Loren telling the Theta Chamber’s story and successes.

Red Light Therapy

I have done the Red Light Therapy Bed every day, even if I have something else scheduled, I sneak in 15 minutes of Red Light.  I have only a few “freckle” like places left on the side of my face and I expect them  gone soon.

I was going to put some  60% Ultra Aloe lotion on the bottom of my feet last night. In the winter the soles of my feet around the edges gets a little dry, but no dry skin, only smooth really nice skin.  I hadn’t paid any attention to my feet, mostly my face and upper body. I was pleasantly surprised to feel soft silky feet.

The other three Theta Chamber’s should be up and running this week and then 48 people will be going through the program at once.  Claudia says people will have a schedule of what things they will be doing each day and will not be able to do the Red Light Therapy like I have. That is a shame for the women, guys don’t seem to care much.  I told Claudia that someone reading this blog would want to do the Red Light Therapy a lot so she is looking into a second Red Light Therapy Bed. Ya!!

Time to close to get ready for the drive to the Theta Chamber.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally

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