Create Your Best Year Ever

John Von Achen’s question for you…

What will you do with your future?

Just Survive or Succeed?

 You were born to succeed
Your future is in your hands
Your untapped potential
You are unique and special
You can achieve anything you put your mind to

Choose to

  • widen your vision
  • retrain your brain
  • increase your confidence
  • attract the good around you
  • take steps everyday,small or large
  • just decide what you want
  • prepare for your success
  • believe in yourself, that you can do it
  • plan before you do
  • ask questions and question everything
  • enlarge your comfort zone
  • let go of the past, live for today and look to the future
  • Never Give up! if you never give up you will never fail

You will have setbacks and learning experiences but you can never fail if you never give up!

Learning computers and starting my business has been a challenge, it has also been the greatest time of my life. Frustrating to the point that several times I thought about throwing the computer out the window.

Starting in one direction, then another, the two converging into one.  I have learned so much and am at the start of my Phenomenon.  What is The Phenomenon? a book by Dan Kennedy, I highly recommend it. You will change how you look at your life.

Have you chosen to succeed? Will you pass along a golden nugget to help the rest of us who are still on the way up?

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally





About Juanita

An entrepreneur that has tied all my passions into my now life's work. Self-employment and belief in having many streams of income, natural health practices, organic gardening, live enzyme rich body nourishing foods, electrical, vibrational and intrinsic energies in my marketing endeavors.
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