Vitamin-Mineral Daily Supplement

Few health-minded people would argue against the idea that a well-balanced and unrefined diet based on a colorful array of fruits, vegetables, free range meats, nuts, seeds and legumes, is the best way to eat. Nutritious home prepared meals of fresh foods, eaten together at the family dinner table, as families did in years past is also the ideal.


Today, it is hard enough, with usually both parents having a full-time job outside the home, kids schedules, household chores and social engagements to have those three home cooked meals daily. Shall we try for even one made from scratch, home cooked meal daily.

Farming Practices

Add to the families schedules, the way our foods are produced in factory farms that use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms and nutrient depleted soil.

Food Manufactures

On top of all this, how food manufactures add more chemicals, artificial colors, chemical preservatives, altered fats to over processed “food” most that have almost none or no nutritional value what so ever. It is down right crazy to even think we get anywhere close to the minimal let alone optimal intake of vitamins, minerals, fats, enzymes or amino acids.

Most adults will want to make sure they get the ideal intake of vitamins and minerals, through a sensible approach to diet and taking a high quality whole food based vitamin/mineral supplement.

Multi-POWER Vitamin-Mineral

SOLEX INNERgy’s  Vitamin-Mineral is arguably (due to its proprietary blend and all natural ingredients) the best multivitamin supplement on the planet.
The quick dissolving tablet technology means no waste, plus easy absorption of nutrients. Each tablet has
over 70 forms of nutrients in both water and fat-soluble forms and is loaded with powerful anti-aging antioxidants.
This supplement is designed to give a complete antioxidant, heart health and phytonutrient package, all in your daily dosage which can be taken up to 3 times daily.

The Solex nutritional supplements are formulated by Scientist Dr. Lee Dryer who has formulated for some of the top health and wellness companies for over 35 years and he personally holds over 850 patents.

When the experts went to design their nutritional line they wanted superior quality and NO second grade fillers were going to be acceptable!

Using only the best and no-compromised ingredients, these vitamins-minerals give the building blocks that support the body’s functions.

These quick-dissolving tablets can arrive at your door monthly at wholesale price for your convenience. Learn about the wholesale preferred customer program in this blog post.

View this Flyer on ingredients and 12 Reasons why Solex Multi-Power Vitamin-Mineral is superior to all other multivitamins available in drug, health food,or big box stores.

Reginald Cherry, MD, an integrative medical doctor

“A high-end supplement that works is a family of complexes,” Dr. Cherry continued. “That is really a key. We try to tell people that if you are taking a vitamin and it is not getting absorbed properly, you might as well throw it out. It isn’t going to do anything at all. A good supplement will have an absorption complex in it. There are a few out there that do that. They do that because they know that as people get older they produce less hydrochloric acid in their stomach and their absorption ability is less. So, they put certain ingredients in the supplements to help people absorb these nutrients and antioxidants better.” From a post in Natural News about Getting the most out of sleep supplements.  This Multi-POWER Vitamin-Mineral has Patented Absorption Enhancers.

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