Today, digestive enzymes (INNERzymes) are the most important supplement for people to take.  With all the cooked foods and digestive problems, taking more enzymes is a must.

Some physical conditions associated with enzyme deficiencies

Protease (digests proteins):  low blood sugar, kidney problems, anxiety, water retention; depressed immunity, cancer, appendicitis, bacterial and viral infections, bone problems such as: arthritis, osteoporosis, and bone spurs.
Amylase (digests carbohydrates): skin problems (herpes, canker sores, rashes, hives) liver and gallbladder disease.
Lipase (digests fats): obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems,high cholesterol, high blood pressure, spastic colon ,chronic fatigue and dizziness.

Facts: Why we need Digestive Enzymes in our diet

Raw Foods vs. Cooked Foods

Of all the animal species on earth, only mankind cooks his food and/or processes it chemically.  No other animal naturally eats cooked foods – except domestic animals such as dogs and cats forced to do so with a 100% cooked and processed dog or cat food diet.

Man  eats a predominately cooked and processed food diet supplemented with an occasional raw salad or fruit.  It is commonly known that people have no where near the stamina of wild animals (eg. able to survive cold weather) and humans suffer far more degenerative diseases.

What does Cooking and Food Processing Do to Food?

Some foods such as beans and grains must normally be cooked to produce easily digestible calories and release some nutrients

Meats and fish especially are usually cooked to destroy unwanted bacteria. pathogens, and parasites.  Milk is high temperature pasteurized to kill dangerous pathogens, although quality raw milk is considered healthy by many.

While cooking is beneficial in many respects, it unfortunately denatures proteins irreversibly (enzymes are proteins), and heat destroys sensitive vitamins and enzymes in foods.  Food processing, such as chemically bleaching wheat flour to a white color, further degrades nutrients in wheat to a point where it only has empty calories and no enzymes, and must even have vitamins and minerals added back to prevent deficiencies ( enzymes are not replaced).

How Enzyme Activity May be Inhibited

Digestive enzymes help digest foods by helping the food unite with water and split into simpler compounds and become more easily digestible.  An example is when very large protein molecules are broken down by protease enzymes into simpler proteases and peptides – and amino acids, which are the building blocks for our body.

Raw foods also contain many, non-digestive enzymes that may help facilitate their own digestion, and cooked foods are almost absent in enzymes.  Enzymes are continually being destroyed in our body, and have to be continually synthesized.  Certain food may contain enzyme inactivators, and unfavorable acidity for enzyme survival.  Excess radiation and certain antibiotics, and organic solvents may inactivate or inhibit enzymes. 

A healthy human pancreas produces the digestive enzyme group including proteases (to digest proteins), amylases (to digest starches), and lipases (to digest fats).  The healthy pancreas also produces pancreatic potassium and sodium bicarbonates to alkalize acid food (chyme) entering the duodenum of the small intestine, allowing the survival of these acid sensitive pancreatic enzymes.

Unfortunately, as we age we may use up many of our stores of pancreatic bicarbonates through stress, consuming acid colas, acidic juices, and acidic beverages.  Our buffering alkaline pancreatic bicarbonates are wasted neutralizing colas, juices, and acid forming phosphorous containing foods like meats, fish, grains, etc.- and so our pancreatic enzymes requiring an alkaline environment have a harder time surviving in an acidic environment.

If we ate more unprocessed foods, had less stress, avoided acid containing and acid forming foods and beverages, avoided eating large quantities of cooked foods that use up large quantities of enzymes to digest  – we might have a happier digestive system.

If we ate more alkaline – ash-residue foods like vegetables, greens salads, and fruits with their high alkaline content we would be less acidic and more alkaline and not waste pancreatic bicarbonates by trying to neutralize dietary acids.

But we live in a chemicalized, hectic modern world, and usually end up eating cooked and processed fast food on the run. without even chewing the foods sufficiently, and gulping down large amounts of beverages with meals that dilute and often inactivate enzyme activity. No Guts No Glory. Step One The Gut-Smart Eating Plan focuses on NATURAL FOODS such as raw vegetables and whole grains which contain live digestive enzymes that maximize absorption of nutrients and aid regularity. Step Two DETOXIFICATION which is required to.…No Guts No Glory

Theta Chamber everyday except Sundays Home unit everyday 2 times on Sundays Nutritional s SOLEX INNERgy’s Multi-POWER Vitamin-Mineral SOLEX INNERgy’s INNERzymes and INNERgy Greens 21 Detox Therapies Infrared.…

Each one of us needs to become more pro-active in our own health, and taking enzymes is an excellent starting point. If you want more information about INNERzymes click the links below.


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