24-karat Gold Skin Care

24-karat Gold Mask and 24-karat Gold Replenishing Serum

Some benefits of using 24-karat gold

  • Reduces the Effects of Aging
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Pain Reduction
  • to name a few

You watched the videos above, How would you like the luxury of a $150 plus treatment at home for a fraction of the cost?

Well we have TWO 24-karat gold products for you:


24-karat Gold Mask 24-karat Gold Replenishing Serum
Our Phyto-Collagen 24k Gold Face Mask is infused with 24 Karat Gold. Gold has many benefits including: revitalize & rejuvenate the skin, facilitates removal of toxins, assists lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, enhances skin elasticity, accelerates cell renewal, and reverses oxidation damage. The unique ONE-WAY absorption rate of the SOLEX INNERgy 24k Mask is higher than 98%, which means that the amount of nutrients and moisture it offers to your skin is up to 10 times more than that of ordinary facial masks. This exclusive replenishing serum nourishes the skin. Use it on your face and body.Product comes in a 50mL bottle, a 5mL bottle, 10-pak of 5mL bottles and a 600mL refill bottle.24k Gold Serum Ingredients: Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Grape Seed Extract, A Touch of Honey, Essential Oils, and 24k Gold Flakes.

In Major Department stores 24-karat gold serum sell for $160 and up

Retail price: $15.00                                                    Retail price: $60.00
   one mask                                                                          50 ml bottle

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How would you like to buy at wholesale prices?

Wholesale price: $7.50                                     Wholesale price: $30.00

It’s as easy as 12 3

1. you become a preferred customer just like at Sam’s Club and Costco by joining for $19.99 a year
2. you decide what product(s) you want
3.you have it set up on an auto-ship
   you pick the products
   you pick the day of the month
   you can pick different items each month

It’s that easy!!

Now if you like I can also show you a way to receive your products for less than wholesale or even for free.

It all starts with you becoming a preferred customer.

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