Word of Mouth: Networking as Marketing?

Networking is undoubtedly an important professional activity, but could you use it for marketing – or even as your sole means of marketing? By harnessing word of mouth’s power while providing a quality good or service with potential to help people, it’s possible to build a brand your contacts are eager to share with their network.

In order to build marketing by word of mouth, however, you have to learn how to network adeptly. At the heart of it is creating, nurturing, and developing relationships. To do this adeptly, Canadian businessman Michael J. Hughes, whose successful Ottawa, Ontario-based consulting company markets solely via word of mouth, outlines six parts of the networking process to master:

  • Make the approach/impression – Spend the first five seconds like a host, making your discussion partner feel comfortable while taking charge, smiling, and listening closely.
  • Build rapport – Active listening works wonders in building rapport because it shows genuine interest and gives your discussion partner a sense of safety. As Hughes said, “Wanting to know more about a person is one of the biggest compliments we can pay.”
  • Structure the conversation – When spring boarding off of the rapport into the meat of the conversation, keep your discussion partner in mind once more. By structuring the discussion around him or her and showing genuine interest, you’ll be able to foster trust that leads to successful business relationships. Wait to present your message or selling point until a sense of trust has been established, and be careful to not get preachy or come off as giving a presentation. Remember, the focus should be relationships. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” Hughes said.
  • Close with confidence – Few things get more awkward than when a conversation should end but no one is willing to make it happen. Take charge by moving out of out of the conversation while helping your conversation partner transition into another one. Include a next step – offer to keep in touch, schedule a time to talk again – so the next point of contact will be expected (and you can gauge the interest for it). Be sure to thank the other person for his or her time.
  • Follow up – Keep good on your word by carrying out whatever next steps were set in the conversation. Find legitimate, value-adding reasons to stay in touch. This will not only keep you top of mind, but it also shows follow through, which is sorely lacking in today’s business landscape.
  • Nurture the relationship – Again, the end goal is not to make a sale. As you foster a real relationship with others in your field, inevitably they’ll want to refer you to those in their networks and vice versa. Look for ways to partner with them on clients, create referral opportunities, or find other points of overlap, and you’ll be able to expand your network and find ever-increasing opportunities.

This article from Social Toolkit.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally


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Five Ways to Lose Weight Without Gym

“Eat less, exercise more.” While these wise words join the most universally successful diet plan, there are several things you can do without hitting the gym to help your body fuel more efficiently. Here are four tips (plus my personal tip) that will help you reach your weight goal:

CATCH MORE ZZZ’S – Giving your body a full night’s rest is one of the best ways to shed weight. A recent study showed that when participants slept for only four hours consumed an extra 300 calories compared with when they slept a full eight hours! Sleep deprivation also curbs self-control. Plan ahead and wind down your night in time to provide adequate sleep. Its benefits go far beyond losing weight.

HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE – The human body is mostly water, which is incentive enough to be sure you’re getting at least eight glasses a day, but did you know water can help your diet? Drinking water helps to keep you feeling full, meaning less snacking. Downing ice water has the added benefit of boosting your metabolism, burning calories in the process of warming the water. A pre-workout hydration session will help your body release muscle-building hormones – and more muscle means a higher basal metabolic rate. If too much water bores you, look for healthy ways to change it up. A number of companies make flavored waters that are packed with helpful vitamins. Green tea has the added benefit of antioxidants and a metabolism boost that can add up to an extra 400 calories or more per week!

WATCH PORTIONS – Being a conscious eater is a good habit to develop, regardless of dieting. It takes the body 20 minutes after eating to recognize it’s full. By knowing what a serving size should be and sticking to it, you’ll be able to avoid that overfull feeling and give your body the right amount of fuel. Remember, you can always come back for more food if you’re still hungry later. When eating out, where meals are regularly double or triple the size of what your body actually needs, it may be wise to ask for half your order to be boxed up to go – it’s a great way to curb mindless eating AND stretch your delicious dish for two meals.

GET FIT WITH FRIENDS – Take positive peer pressure to the next level by checking in with friends or relatives who are also fitness minded. That healthy support system can help you make wiser lifestyle choices, from choosing more active entertainment options to skipping calorie-laden lunches or happy hours. If IRL (“in real life”) relationships won’t cut it, there are a number of free fitness forums online that provide nutrition information along with peer encouragement, from cyclist Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong to MyFitnessPal, which recently reported a joint weight loss of 20 million pounds among its membership – simply by counting calories, exercising, and comparing notes.

I have found the way for me, I do get my sleep (very important for health in general). Water is about the only thing I drink (well except what I’m going to tell you about in a minute). Watching my portion sizes was something I had to learn (I still ate like I was 20 years old, not just starting middle age at 61).

OK, this is what I have done lately, the company I work for recently brought to market a product for people who can not seem to lose weight with diet, exercise or will power, like me.

It is a meal replacement drink. I drink two shakes a day. This is how I make my shakes.  The morning shake I have one scoop of the protein powder, 1/8 cup of goji berries and 1/8 cup of chia seeds that have soaked in about one cup of water overnight, two ice cubes. These I put into a blender and blend till smooth, then I add 3/4 cup of raw cream and blend briefly and then enjoy. I do not get hungry till dinner time and sometimes beyond.

I eat dinner, what ever I want. (usually good food but not always) Then I have the second shake later in the evening, one scoop of protein powder, two ice cubes and water, blended till smooth. Tastes great and is only 140 calories this way. It keeps me all night long.

Let me tell you what happened to me. Before I heard of this product I used to be someone who has always been interested in my health, in eating right and feeling younger than my age.  About 13 years ago I started feeling hungry all the time, I put on weight and haven’t been able to lose it.

I started going to the gym, tried diet pills, supplements and hormones, even tried eating like a vegan for a year.  My doctor suggested I get my stomach stapled. Nothing seemed to work.

So then I tried this product and almost right away I wasn’t hungry all the time and I started to lose the weight and I’m feeling younger again.

I don’t know if this will work for you or not, but what if it does? What if it works for you the way it did for me?  Would you like to try it then?  If you might like to try it, give me a call and we will see if it is a match for you.  My number is 801-689-6951.    SoFit if you want to read about it.

What are some things you have done or someone you know has done, to lose hard to lose weight? Please leave your comments below, this is a huge problem here in the US and we need to share our success stories.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally


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Protein-packed breakfasts and weight loss

There’s a reason bacon and eggs have been a breakfast staple for ages – a protein-rich breakfast does wonders to keep one’s body satisfied longer. But did you know that a healthy, protein-packed breakfast will also curb your cravings and reward-driven eating behavior?

According to Heather Leidy, an assistant professor in University of Missouri’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, lots of protein in the morning reduces the brain signals that control food motivation and reward-driven eating behavior.  She reached this conclusion after studying breakfast-skipping teens for three weeks. One group continued to skip breakfast or ate 500-calorie breakfasts of cereal and milk while the other group ate high-protein meals of Belgium waffles, syrup and yogurt.

Immediately before lunch, researchers used fMRI technology to study participants’ brain activation responses. Results showed that while both meals led to increased fullness and reduced hunger throughout the morning, the breakfast with more protein led to even greater changes in fullness, appetite, and reward-driven eating behavior.

Here are some ways to be a better breakfast eater:

  • Be handy – If weight loss is a priority for you, don’t leave the house empty-handed in the mornings. Keep portable protein-rich foods on hand. Hard-boiled eggs, nuts, and string cheese are great to grab and go, either for an immediate breakfast or a healthy mid-morning snack.
  • Cook quickly – If you can spend a few more minutes in the kitchen, shoot for a slice of toast with peanut (or almond) butter, a quick scrambled egg, or a smoothie with protein powder. One of my quick favorites is to warm a whole-wheat tortilla, spread it with almond butter and cinnamon (which is proven to help your body process sugar), and then wrap it around a banana.
  • Order wisely – If the drive-thru still calls your name, be sure you order the right item. Egg McMuffins are surprisingly diet-approved – they’re only 350 calories each and are packed with protein. Go for an egg burrito over anything starchy like French toast sticks, and if you have the willpower, skip the hash browns.

What is your favorite high protein breakfast?  Mine you can read about in my next post. Five ways to lose weight without the Gym. Four time proven tips and the  high protein meal replacement powder I have found to work for me.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally




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Make Your Writing Standout in Five Simple Steps

When it comes to social media, content is king and frequency is Queen. Once you’ve got good information to write about and a clear idea of who your audience is, how do you make your writing standout? How do you grab the attention of your readers?

Here are five easy tips that will help take your writing up a notch:

  • Separate your inner writer and editor – When you sit down to write, write. Don’t try to edit as you go. It’s better to let your creative juices flow and then come back to edit. Removing some of the personality with editing is easier than trying to add character into a lifeless piece of copy later.
  • Step away from the keyboard – Coming back to your writing with a fresh set of eyes is a great way to see if what you’ve written is as good as you think – or whether it still has room to improve. Always give yourself enough time to leave your writing sit  for a day (or at least over lunch). You will be surprised by what ideas and insight come when you return to it later.
  • Trim the excessCan you read each sentence in one breath?  A good rule of thumb is to limit sentences to one idea each. The longer a sentence goes on, the less effective each word becomes. Better to have more sentences or fewer words with more powerful content.
  • Stay active – The passive voice should be avoided. Actually, avoid the passive voice. When sentences focus on the recipient of action instead of the one acting, they drag on limply. Putting the action up front infuses writing with energy.
  • Read it aloud – Our eyes tend to gloss over errors and awkward phrases that our ears will catch. Even better, get a friend or co-worker to read it out loud to you. You’ve spent enough time with the words to know their flow, but a new set of eyes and ears will pick up on clumsy wording in no time.

Putting these five tips into practice, your writing will keep your reader’s interest. The more engaged the reader becomes, the stronger your message will be, resulting in more sales and consumer loyalty.

Stay active – is proving extremely difficult for me. I write in the passive voice a lot. It seems natural and is proving nearly impossible for me to break this ‘habit’.

Below two blogs to help with Twitter tweets and Facebook,  both I am in desperate need of help with myself.

The Art of Writing Tweets That Stand Out High Quality Social Media

Blend In to Stand Out on Facebook FastBlink

Do you have any other tips that will help? Please do share with us, this is how I, we learn different approaches to a problem or task.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally

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Dr Ben Carson’s Inspiring Words

Dr Ben Carson inspires and sets us straight

Where we come from, is not important to our success as what we do with what is between our two ears.

Parents belief in their children is an important and giant step for success in ones life.  No all parents have the ability to be a beneficial influence in the lives of their children.  This does not mean you can not succeed on your own right.  Nor should it be used as an excuse to not accomplish success for yourself.

Tips to your success;

Read books

on successful people, study people who do and have the kind of life you want to have.  Through these books choose some of the people you admire the most and have them be your first mentors.  Then find someone in your community you look up to and ask if they would be a mentor.

“You are the Author of Your Own Life Story” 

write this phrase on sticky notes and post them in places you will see it throughout the day. Paint a picture, make a poster anyway you can get this into your environment and your brain.  “You are the Author of Your Own Life Story”.  Say it, read it, write it until you believe it!

What you do with your time is what matters

we all have the same 24 hours in a day, the same 1,440 minutes and the same 86,400  seconds in our day as everyone else.  Successful people do not have more time, they use their time doing the very things that others will not do. They  “pay their dues”  by taking the time they have and learning the things it takes to become and be successful.  What you do with your time, how you spend your days determines your success in life.

When life throws in speed-bumps

Life has ways of “interfering” with our plans from time to time, speed bumps I call them.  Life situations we have not anticipated come along like a divorce, health problems  – ours or a family members, job loss they are too many to mention but a few.  These are set backs that happen and they sometimes divert our time, energy and resources in directions that stray us from our direct course, but these are only temporary course deviations.  They need not change or defeat our life story.

I am in the middle of one of these course speed-bumps as I write this.  The life  of my spouse.  I willingly divert all my attention to the needs of my husband and my focus is temporarily off my goals and concentrated on returning him to a state of health.  Seldom does our lives follow a straight line from where we are to our goals, there are course corrections and as long as we keep our goals in sight we will hit our target(s).

I’m curious, what things have helped you on your road to success? Have you worked through a “speed-bump” and continued on to make your goal? What helped you the most? Please share with us.  Thanks.

Create the Life you Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally



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Making time for the ideal sales week

If you were to outline the ideal sales week, what would it look like?

That’s a question S. Anthony Iannarino, president and chief sales officer of Solutions Staffing, tackled on his sales blog, and his insights were wonderful. Iannarino’s suggestions all center around the idea of blocking out time for the various activities that makes for sales success. When you work these activities into your week is up to your priorities and unique business model, but the ideas apply universally.

Here are eight activities to make time for in your ideal sales week,                  in order of priority:

  • Prospecting – Opening relationships that open opportunities is the most important activity a salesperson can undertake. Consequently, it deserves a high priority and requires proactive planning and scheduling. Where will you turn to meet prospects? Be sure to go beyond the obvious, easy sources. Know your target audience and then think of where they would congregate – both online and in person.
  • Face-to-Face Sales Calls – There is no substituting good old-fashioned face time, especially when it comes to developing a clientele. In-person interaction provides the greatest opportunity for value creation and advancing your sales opportunity. “The quality of your results is the quality of your calendar as it pertains to appointments with your dream clients and clients,” Iannarino said. Start scheduling these meetings in advance, and keep at least a few scheduled a week or two out at a time.
  • Nurturing Activity – “The best opportunities for producing killer sales results lie with your coldest non-opportunities, your dream clients who are presently using a competitor,” Iannarino said. Place your focus on a dream client whose business would put you to the top of the leader board.
  • Sales Call Preparation – Sales calls are not a time to “wing it” or play things by ear! Do your homework first, researching the client’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. What can you offer to them that will solve their problems? Remember, focusing on benefits is far more effective than drilling into your product’s features. Make solving their pain points your top pitch.
  • Follow-up Activities – The trust that underlies all relationships (especially in business) is built on a foundation of commitments kept. Even the most effective sales calls may fall flat with results if no follow-up work is done, so be sure to do what you say you’ll do, from emailing along an article that would be a value-add for your client to checking the stock of their favorite product. As you’re drumming up new business, don’t neglect to reach out to current clients and contacts with phone calls or thank-you cards.
  • Voice-mail and Email Responses – In today’s always-connected communications climate, responding to emails and voice-mails can be a never-ending task. Iannarino suggests blocking out a couple of set times (i.e. 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.) to respond to incoming communications, and not breaking to do so constantly throughout the day.
  • Update Sales Force Automation – Customer relationship management is critical, and a number of automation software options can make it a breeze – as long as you use it. Don’t let too much time pass between updates, or else important information can fall through the cracks. “The best time to do this is with the last half hour of the day, while the conversations and ideas are fresh in your mind,” Iannarino said. He recommends spending a half hour each day to input notes from sales calls, new contact information, action items, and pipeline progress.
  • Personal Improvement – Of all the investments you can make, investing time in yourself pays off the most long-lasting dividends. Make an effort to always be honing your abilities and advancing education, whether it be listening to an audiobook while driving between sales calls or reading a chapter a night of a book that will help your professional development. Remember to expand beyond “sales” titles, too. That professional development can come most effectively in strengthening people skills, not just sales techniques.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally


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Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation

Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation  video reminds us all.

Never Ever Give Up

We let what others tell us, become our reality, when our true reality is that we can do more than we think if we only practice, practice and practice some more.  If we never give up we can never really fail, we only fail when we quit.

We may practice for what seems like eternity and not see any real improvement but we can not always see what is happening.

Persistence or practice which ever you want to call it, is what separates the doers, the successful from the quitters, the ones that stop when the going gets hard or to long of a road they believe.  Not worth the effort.

These videos show people who are facing greater challenges than the average person and they persist, they show us that we can too.

The Sunday Inspirational video is a weekly reminder to me to keep on keep-in on, I can do what ever I put my mind and time to.  I hope you are inspired also.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally



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How Personal Development Leads to Professional Success

Growing as a person is interconnected with developing as a professional 

Particularly in the direct sales and MLM industries. When the body of your business is selling goods and services that have the potential to change people’s lives in meaningful ways, you can’t help but to grow as well – particularly to sell effectively.

It’s a career that almost always requires venturing beyond one’s comfort zone, taking on all facets of running a business while establishing meaningful relationships with clients.

While that might seem intimidating, the good news is that becoming more effective in MLM involves traits that carry over into other parts of life.

Here are some of the best skills and traits to develop for both personal and professional success:

Self-discipline –

  • Anyone who’s been self-employed can attest to how critical it is to have self-discipline to succeed.
  • While the flexibility of self-employment is alluring, it also means you have to be motivated and controlled enough to set and keep deadlines, to go beyond the comfortable and familiar, and to push past once-debilitating fears and concerns.
  •  Learn to make lists, set measurable goals, and get things done even when it’s the last thing you really would like to do.


  • The value of communicating effectively can’t be underplayed.
  •  If you can’t help others catch your vision and understand your selling points, then you won’t be able to lead others to a point that would benefit you and them.
  • A common practice to lead people through your thought process is to tell them up front what you’re going to say, say it, and then summarize/clarify what was said (subtly, of course).
  •  Keep in mind that people’s minds process series of three well.


  • Not taking no for an answer is too far to one extreme, but so is shrugging your shoulders and walking away from a potential sale.
  •  Find middle ground by developing a tenacious determination to see a project or sale through.
  • Sticking to opportunities – especially the ones that don’t automatically come together without effort – shows strength of character. That’s something you can’t put a price tag on.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally



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How To Kill MRSA, Viruses, Giardia and More

For the last five years I have been able to kill viruses, colds, flu, giardia and everything else I have tried this decoction on.

Last week I was stricken with Montezuma’s Revenge.  Monday night after a conference call I went straight to bed. Tuesday morning 4:50 AM I try to get up to make my husband’s breakfast and lunch for him to take to work. I sat up and stood up for about two seconds and laid down again and told my husband to take the check book and buy lunch.

To make a short story shorter, sometimes I can be so dense, I don’t think very well when I am sick,  I have this decoction that kills and I didn’t make it for myself until Friday night.

Saturday morning I drank two cups within an hour and about an hour and a half later I did not “feel” sick any more.

The Beginning

Five years ago my husband had MRSA when I was gone visiting the grand-kids.  The doctor started him on vancomycin the only antibiotic left to fight hospital acquired MRSA. For almost two weeks he had to go to the ER every morning and night for two hours each and have an IV. Actually they inserted a pic line from the arm to close to the heart.

Thirteen thousand dollars and two weeks later “they” said it was gone.  About two months later it was back behind his ear and neck.  This time I tried P73 oil of Oreganol in all it’s forms.  It took five weeks but it cleared up.

I told Larry I did not think it is all gone and before it comes back again I will find a group of herbs that combined will kill the MRSA once and for all, plus kill the fungal infection he had in the first place and how he contracted the MRSA from the doctor’s office.

I researched and read and read and picked a combo of three herbs.  Five years ago hardly anyone heard of these now they are becoming well-known.

Killer Recipe

half-gallon distilled water
one handful Pau d’Arco bark cut and sifted
one handful Olive leaf whole
handful = approx 1/3 cup about equal amounts of each
put all three ingredients in a stainless steel or ceramic pot
electric stove, lowest setting
gas stove, lowest of the burners on lowest setting
you want it to slowly get to and keep up  approx 180 degrees temp
leave on the stove 12 hours
strain into a glass container
for each glass
warm the decoction and add
5 to 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract
will usually need stevia or coconut sugar to sweeten
grapefruit seed extract is bitter
10 if MRSA or Giardia something like that
drink 4 cups each day until well
good for animals also

Good for  all the above plus skin cuts, sores, acne, any virus, fungus, bacterial what ever just try this.

When Larry’s MRSA did come back the third time I had him go on an anti-feed diet. That means don’t feed what you’re trying to kill. No sugar,grains,coffee, only water non-starch vegetables some meat lemons and Olive oil dressing for two weeks.

Conclusion after two weeks of the diet and four cups a day of the decoction

  • MRSA gone
  • fungal infection gone
  • 20 year case of athletes foot gone
  • lung infection gone (thought it was smoker cough)

None has ever returned in the five years. This is my first line of defense when some one gets sick (well unless it’s me then I didn’t think of it at first) (I usually do not get sick) friends and even friends of friends have called and asked for the recipe. I do not know of anything it has not worked on yet.

My secret place to buy herbs – herbalcom.com   500 items by the pound inexpensive.

Tabebuia serratifolia  Grapefruit seed extract  do your research, this is just a small start.


Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally




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Have you ever encountered a boss whose approach to power and leadership baffled you? 

According to Harvard Business Review, one’s instincts where power is concerned – both giving and receiving it – stem from conditioning in one’s life since childhood, particularly within the family unit. In researching power styles, author Maggie Craddock observed that “the building blocks of anyone’s signature power style are rooted in the ways they have been conditioned to respond emotionally and behaviorally to the first authority figures they encountered in life, namely, their caregivers.”

In other words, those whose caregivers asked for the child’s opinion in making family decisions are likely to be adults who appreciate when colleagues take time to connect and build a trust-based relationship. Conversely, those raised by authoritarian caregivers usually build their power relationships based in fear, which can lead to disliking consensus building and preferring independent leadership.

Most people’s power styles are a blend of the following four profiles, according to Craddock. Where do you fit into the mix?

  • The Pleaser – These are the folks who, lacking the attention they craved early in life, are hardwired to care for others. They hunger for validation and connect with others at a personal level as a means of gaining power.
  • The Charmer – As a child, these individuals often had to care for a parent’s emotional needs. Consequently, these individuals have little respect for formal authority and may resort to manipulating others to get their needs met. Charmers have an intense focus that both intimidates and seduces others into compliance.
  • The Commander – Sports, religion, military, or any larger system that reinforces discipline or a strict code of conduct has often featured strongly in the family of a Commander. Accustomed to that active scope of thinking, Commanders tend to foster a sense of urgency as they focus on results.
  • The Inspirer – Self-expression is more important than conformity in the families of Inspirers. These innovative thinkers operate with a consistent commitment to the greater good, an example set by parents who made sacrifices to achieve excellence.

No power style is inherently good or bad

Each has its share of strengths and challenges. Recognizing how you react to power will help you to react accordingly, strengthening the advantages while minimizing the drawbacks.

What top two styles are you?  I am always taking care of people, so a Pleaser and Inspirer.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally



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