Opportunity or Impossibility?

The Tale of Two Salesmen

In the early 1900s, two salesmen traveled from England to Africa to assess whether there was any opportunity for selling shoes. After studying the situation, each salesman sent a telegram home. The first said “Situation hopeless. They don’t wear shoes” – the other wrote “Glorious opportunity: they don’t have any shoes yet.”

The lesson to be learned is that impossibility or opportunity is all in the eye of the beholder. To use the trite saying, is the glass half empty or half full? Approaching business challenges with optimism ensures a positive result regardless the outcome – even failures provide important lessons and stepping-stones toward success.

So how can you tackle situations for Opportunity ?

Here are six tips:

  • Maximize success and lower failure as you test progress.
  • Know your weaknesses and strengths. Be sure to focus on and play to the strengths while patiently working to improve weak points.
  • Face failures as teaching moments, and look for ways to deal with the problem instead of giving up or letting it overshadow what’s going right.
  • Surround yourself with positivity, whether it be in the form of mantras, mentors or friends.
  • Dwell on positives, not negatives. Once you’ve gleaned the lessons from bad experiences, let them go and move on.
  • Begin with the end in sight. Remember that the sky is the limit! The only limits on our success come from what we set. Don’t give up – rather, be proactive in creating the circumstances needed for that end goal you envision.

By taking the reins and approaching challenges as opportunities, you’ll be able to thrive in any situation, inspire those around you, and attract other achievers on your path to prosperity.

This blog post by Susan Sly on the 7Th Habit – Plan your day in Advance   is the cornerstone of Opportunity. (in my opinion) Planning is essential to creating what we want.

Seldom in life does a persons bank account
grow beyond their own personal growth.
“Opportunities are never lost;
Someone will take the one you miss

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally


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An entrepreneur that has tied all my passions into my now life's work. Self-employment and belief in having many streams of income, natural health practices, organic gardening, live enzyme rich body nourishing foods, electrical, vibrational and intrinsic energies in my marketing endeavors.
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