Self-discipline Is A Bitch To Accomplish Consistently

 Self-discipline =  is the product of persisted willpower.
Whereas willpower is the strength and ability to carryout a certain task,
self-discipline is the ability to use it routinely and even automatically (as if through reflex).
An analogy for the relationship between the two might be defined as follows:
Where willpower is the muscle,
self-discipline is the structured thought that controls that muscle.
In most places it is believed self discipline is the ultimate path to success.

Did you have to read that three times?  I did.

Now you know why I said self-discipline is a bitch.  It is one, if not the hardest, habit to learn and consistently apply to our lives.

If we will win the internal battle of procrastination vs self-discipline, there is nothing we can not accomplish.

ac·com·plish  (-kmplsh)

tr.v. ac·com·plished, ac·com·plish·ing, ac·com·plish·es

1. To succeed in doing; bring to pass. See Synonyms at perform.
2. To reach the end of; complete
con·sis·tent  (kn-sstnt) adj.

1. In agreement; compatible: The testimony was consistent with the known facts.
2. Being in agreement with itself; coherent and uniform: a consistent pattern of behavior.
3. Reliable; steady: demonstrated a consistent ability to impress the critics.
4. Mathematics Having at least one common solution, as of two or more equations or inequalities.
5. Holding true as a group; not contradictory: a consistent set of statements.
Adv. 1. consistently – in a systematic or consistent manner; “they systematically excluded women”

Tim Erway in his teachings says, “find a system and do the system, leave everything else alone and do the system”.

Dan Kennedy says, “break your time into blocks, one block for this chore and another block for another.  Set most of your calendar for the next year.  Schedule your time and do your schedule”.

I am working on finding my system and have not yet completed blocking  my calendar for the coming year. (if your doing this for the first time, like me, it is a monumental task) Looking at just these two ideas from these two highly successful people I can see they are right on, but the execution and self-discipline to consistently carry out these goals until they become second nature, is the challenge.

How to become successful – find successful people in the areas you want to be successful in and do what they do.

Have you found your role-models? Tim Erway, Dan Kennedy, Todd Falcone and Chris Farrell are  some of mine.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally



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