How to Not Make Phone Calls

We can all learn by the actions and non-actions of others.  Maybe you can gleam something  from my last week of non-action, procrastination and self-talks I had this past week on the subject of making phone calls.

I am currently participating in Todd Falcone’s A Team.  This is a 12 week Accountability for Entrepreneurs Academy. We are starting week 9. Last post explained about my husband’s illness and  just a week before I started this 12 week course is when my husband (Larry) took his turn for the worst.

I stopped almost all work on my business, I squeezed in business when someone called me and a few at doctors visits, but mostly stopped working. Last week was the first week I could start devoting time to work.

Every Sunday we send Christina (Todd’s assistant) a tally of last weeks numbers. Those being things like dials, messages, presentations, live conversations and new reps/customers. If you have a goal, don’t keep it to yourself.  Tell others, then you have people to help keep you on track and it is harder not to carry out what you set out to do. So I told Christina I can’t do anything about the last seven weeks of A Team but this week I was going to contact 250 people and I was looking for customers.


Monday I sit down go over my scripts. Easy scripts I know them but not well enough to not have my notes. Here is the script, see yourself it’s really quite simple.

Hello, I’m looking for ____________
Is he/she there?
OK. Great.  This is Juanita Seath and I’m a local small business owner in Roy .
I’m calling everyone in my neighborhood to ask them a question.  Do you have a minute?
My Company is introducing a product for people who have tummy troubles – gas, bloating, stopped up or the runs.
Like I did.
Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?
Simple and fast right?

I found on the internet how to get all the info on my neighbors, 156 at a time around any address I type in. I have my simple script and now the list of names.

For reasons I didn’t know at the time my computer is not working correctly. I knew I was almost out of memory, but please not today. OK Geek Squad is a mile or so from my house. No Geek Squad they moved or out of business at that site. I stopped by Wood Floor Warehouse to see when they were coming to fix my floor.  Then home, dinner etc.


Went to the bank and while there asked if they knew anyone good with computers. Yes – got the name and went there.  He tried to fix it by closing but didn’t. No computer no names, no calling. Good Excuse.


OK it’s the middle of the week I can still get my computer back and make 250 calls, no sweat.  Finally he calls I get my computer plug-in my Magic Jack and the circle of death. I reboot and again the circle of death. Back to computer store. Now its late need to start dinner etc. well now it’s later and I sit down to call.  Everyone will be home I can make lots of contacts. Still sitting here, read over my script, this is a no brain er. If this is a no brain er then why am I not dialing. I can not be afraid of calling people on the phone.  I use to cold call all the time.   Well I did retire in 1996 but you never forget, it’s like riding a bike, right? OK I will call tomorrow, and tomorrow is my birthday.


Water the garden and pull weeds in the front yard. The grounds keeper of the school comes over and sprays my many weeds in the front, this will help me catch up.

I eat, clean up, shower, email, Sherry calls with Birthday Greeting and other news. I check face book, it’s my birthday I want to see if there are any greetings.  I do everything to ignore making calls.

I acknowledge by behavior and ask why. OK if I call during the day when most people are at work I can leave messages and they don’t know me so this will be good. Start calling during the day and leave messages, then I can get more confidence in the scripts and then talk to people. Larry is home from work we go out for my birthday.


I spend time really asking myself why I was not making calls. It’s like pealing layers off an onion.  Because I don’t know the script? Yes but it’s not that simple. When I was cold calling for financial planning clients I had no problem and the script then was fast and simple and I had no problems calling people. The last eighteen months I have learned how to use my computer, programs like Camtasia, EVP, set up websites I just did what I needed to, and learned what I needed to learn. Phone calling I already knew how to and I was good at it.

I got my list of 156 neighbors and downloaded to my desktop, now I am ready to go. Larry is home from work.  He needs to use the computer so I start dinner. Etc the rest of the night.


I write two blog posts, I am three months with no posts except Wednesday’s automatic post from social toolkit. My rankings have dropped.

I will get at-least 50 calls in so I can tell Christina  got a start. First I have to go to the store for eggs and other necessities. Saturdays and Sundays I usually work in the garden and yard but I will make 50 calls.

I have spared you many of the other busy work things I did all week but you get the idea. I made sourdough bread, fermented rice, made kefir, ordered kefir grains,made cream cheese and whey, all things I like doing but they were not calling.

I use to be an unconscious competent in knowing what and how to talk to my clients. Now I am a conscious incompetent, I believe that is the bottom layer of my onion.  I realize I can not get better at presenting my scripts if I don’t present my scripts. How can I make them a part of me and flow from my lips if I do not practice them on real people?

So to Christina and the world but mostly to myself, tomorrow is Monday and the start of a brand new week and I Will make 250 calls in week 9. Even if I must have one of my friends on a three-way call listening in and giving me their courage.  I know it is just breaking the ice on those first few calls.  No I have to do this myself and I will!

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally








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