Ulcerative Colitis and INNERzymes

Yesterday I wrote an article on SOLEX’s INNERzymes and today I want to tell you about this last year, 2011 to now, of my 40 year struggle with ulcerative colitis.

A little history first.

I have managed, my choice, for the last 38 years with no pharmaceutical drugs.  I decided after a two-week stay in the hospital and narrowly not having surgery and a colostomy bag at the age of 22, to manage with natural means and try to cure myself.

Before the hospital stay, I took 800 mg capsules of Tylenol like they were jelly beans and drank Maalox as if it were milk shakes.

Until I learned the true reasons for developing ulcerative colitis, I had to learn by hit and miss what helped and what didn’t.

Birth Control Pills and Antibiotics

At age nineteen I was engaged to be married and we decided to wait at least three years before starting a family. In 1970 that meant going on birth control pills.  It also meant, for me, urinary infections every three months for the next four years and antibiotics to cure the urinary infections. Around age twenty-one the symptoms started.  If you have ulcerative colitis you know, all to well, what I’m talking about. In the active stages, death at times, seemed a welcome alternative.

Fast forward to 2011

Life has changed immensely for me since I started taking the INNERzymes.  SOLEX, a company I am an Associate of, brought to market their SOLEX INNERzymes.  I knew from the reading and research I have done that I should be taking enzymes just because I am getting older.  Our own enzyme supply starts to diminish as we age.  But more importantly for people with colitis we already have trouble digesting our food properly, because we lack many of the good strains of intestinal flora.

I started taking one capsule with each meal.  Two if the meal had mostly cooked foods.  Then Loran Swensen told us to take three first thing in the morning, before eating and three last thing, before bed without food.


  • no bloating
  • mostly no gas
  • no heart burn
  • no acid reflex at night
  •  no diarrhea
  • usually no constipation
  • no pain
  • no symptoms

This is how I felt before I was nineteen!  I no longer have to pick restaurants with-in a 20 minute drive.  We can go to the movies or shopping after eating out.  I can eat out when and where-ever I want. I can eat pizza and not suffer acid reflex at 1:20 in the morning.

I feel normal for the first time in 40 years!

See yesterdays post on INNERzymes and how you can get them too.

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I hope my story gives you hope and that you try these INNERzymes for yourself.

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally



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