“Something Happened!”-The Science of Awakening

The Science of Awakening’ coming to Texas in May 2011

Something Happened! -The Science of Awakening
Our Expanding and Shifting World and Who We Are

Hosted by: Mahryah & Akin

Linda Post / Russell Loveland

24746 Timothy Rd. Cedaredge, CO 81413
Something Happened! -The Science of Awakening
Seminar/Workshop By Living Synergy
May 21-22, 2011
Free Evening Discussion Thur. May 19th @ 7:00PM
Event Begins Saturday-Sunday @ 9am-6pm
at Holiday Inn Express, Mansfield, TX
Event Address: 201 US HWY 287 N.
Mansfield, TX 76063
For more information contact us at 702-526-0825 or
• Become a more conscious Creator
• Influence with Shapes and Symbols
• Vibration and You
• Your Personal Etheric Library
• Thought Pollution – You’re Toxic
• The Feminine, More than You Know
• Energy is Eternal-Harness it
• The Ambassadors/ Cosmic Symbols
• Beliefs, The lies that We Live By
• Health – It is.
• Direct your Thoughts more powerfully for Change
• Clearing Space for Your Desired Creations
• Thoughts Never Die, They can Magnetize and Empower your Creations
• Muscle Testing, Remote Viewing, and Personal Scanning
• Consciousness in All Things and Methods
of Connecting with that Consciousness
• Your Eternal Nature, your Eternal Knowing
• Levels of Reality/Spirituality
• Alchemy for Earth Changes and Affecting Peace
Come Join Us to Watch, Share, Learn and Play.
Have Some Fun Learning Who You Really are and Creating a New World Consciousness.
Any one who refers others receives a $40.00 credit for each paid referral off of their tuition.
We encourage referring others with the intention ultimately of creating a scholarship fund.
(NOTE: Bolded items above are required
Print out and complete the attached registration form and mail, along with your payment (or deposit), to the address above. Call 972-775-6685 for online payment options.
A word from Mahryah and Akin…
“As mentioned above, Thursday, May 19th, will be an evening discussion FREE to anyone.
It is held the night before so people can meet us and see what fun they will have working with us. So bring anyone you believe would be interested or would benefit from this experience and let them decide for themselves.
Our purpose with this workshop is to expand people’s awareness of themselves and teach them how much they can do to change their personal experiences and ultimately, the experiences coming into this world, as well as those already happening.
One of the keys is developing self-observation. Another is noticing and hearing about your personal vibration and what it attracts and what you would like it to attract. Knowing that all is energy and that we generate it, then we can learn how to transform it.
Our thoughts are one of our more powerful methods of being in this world and we teach ways of ‘cleaning up’ those thoughts. If we clean up the thoughts we have and those we have had, we can create space for new creations that aid us and the rest of the life forms on this world/planet that we call Ahriannah.
We also share experiences of awakening that will help others in recognizing their own personal growth and expansion and if the opportunity presents itself, they can discover their eternal nature and origin.”

Please Mail completed form & check to:

Colorado Living Synergy
24746 Timothy Rd.
Cedaredge, CO 81413

For more information contact us at:


Come be part of this premier opportunity!!

Guarantee your space now!



1st Time Participant
Returning Participant
Deposit-(by April 15th)

Private Channeling -1 person
$80.00 per hour
3-4 people
$240.00 per hour

I know both Mahryal and Akin/Dr Loveland and what they do is truly amazing. You will learn so much about yourself and I can not do them justice here. Please call them and talk to one of them and I know you will want to go to this workshop.

There will be one in June in Utah and I will be there, I have seen Mahryah once a month for six months and the changes I have experienced in this short time have absolutely transformed my life.

Sorry, I couldn’t put their order form in the post so either call them or send your info on a paper with your check to the address above.  Really call them first you will be glad you did!!

Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita Seath ~ Evolving Naturally

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An entrepreneur that has tied all my passions into my now life's work. Self-employment and belief in having many streams of income, natural health practices, organic gardening, live enzyme rich body nourishing foods, electrical, vibrational and intrinsic energies in my marketing endeavors.
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