Mike Adams, Stephen Miller Video – Dr. Benjamin Rush Amendment

It Is Time to Take Back our Rights to Any Health Care We Choose and Food Freedom

This is one of the most important issues facing Americans today.  We need to stand up,  be counted and get this passed in as many States as possible and then move on to a United States Constitutional Amendment and Bill of Rights.

Video Information

The Health Ranger shares a special interview with Stephen Miller (creator of Rush2013.com) about Dr. Benjamin Rush and the proposed “Rush Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Topics included in the interview:

* Who is Benjamin Rush and how does the proposed “Rush Amendment” impact your health freedom in America?

* Freedom of choice in healthcare and practice in the individual states

* Why some Americans are trying to get this amendment included in the Bill of Rights in order to protect health freedom

* What the proposed amendment would protect

* News about the Rush amendment’s protection of raw milk, your ability to grow your own garden on your own land and the growth of industrial hemp for American farmers

* How our access to healthcare is being controlled and mandated

* What each one of us can do to help
We can no longer stand around waiting for ‘others’ to do something, we are the others!

For more information visit Rush2013.com
Check out Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com

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