How To Kill MRSA, Viruses, Giardia and More

For the last five years I have been able to kill viruses, colds, flu, giardia and everything else I have tried this decoction on.

Last week I was stricken with Montezuma’s Revenge.  Monday night after a conference call I went straight to bed. Tuesday morning 4:50 AM I try to get up to make my husband’s breakfast and lunch for him to take to work. I sat up and stood up for about two seconds and laid down again and told my husband to take the check book and buy lunch.

To make a short story shorter, sometimes I can be so dense, I don’t think very well when I am sick,  I have this decoction that kills and I didn’t make it for myself until Friday night.

Saturday morning I drank two cups within an hour and about an hour and a half later I did not “feel” sick any more.

The Beginning

Five years ago my husband had MRSA when I was gone visiting the grand-kids.  The doctor started him on vancomycin the only antibiotic left to fight hospital acquired MRSA. For almost two weeks he had to go to the ER every morning and night for two hours each and have an IV. Actually they inserted a pic line from the arm to close to the heart.

Thirteen thousand dollars and two weeks later “they” said it was gone.  About two months later it was back behind his ear and neck.  This time I tried P73 oil of Oreganol in all it’s forms.  It took five weeks but it cleared up.

I told Larry I did not think it is all gone and before it comes back again I will find a group of herbs that combined will kill the MRSA once and for all, plus kill the fungal infection he had in the first place and how he contracted the MRSA from the doctor’s office.

I researched and read and read and picked a combo of three herbs.  Five years ago hardly anyone heard of these now they are becoming well-known.

Killer Recipe

half-gallon distilled water
one handful Pau d’Arco bark cut and sifted
one handful Olive leaf whole
handful = approx 1/3 cup about equal amounts of each
put all three ingredients in a stainless steel or ceramic pot
electric stove, lowest setting
gas stove, lowest of the burners on lowest setting
you want it to slowly get to and keep up  approx 180 degrees temp
leave on the stove 12 hours
strain into a glass container
for each glass
warm the decoction and add
5 to 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract
will usually need stevia or coconut sugar to sweeten
grapefruit seed extract is bitter
10 if MRSA or Giardia something like that
drink 4 cups each day until well
good for animals also

Good for  all the above plus skin cuts, sores, acne, any virus, fungus, bacterial what ever just try this.

When Larry’s MRSA did come back the third time I had him go on an anti-feed diet. That means don’t feed what you’re trying to kill. No sugar,grains,coffee, only water non-starch vegetables some meat lemons and Olive oil dressing for two weeks.

Conclusion after two weeks of the diet and four cups a day of the decoction

  • MRSA gone
  • fungal infection gone
  • 20 year case of athletes foot gone
  • lung infection gone (thought it was smoker cough)

None has ever returned in the five years. This is my first line of defense when some one gets sick (well unless it’s me then I didn’t think of it at first) (I usually do not get sick) friends and even friends of friends have called and asked for the recipe. I do not know of anything it has not worked on yet.

My secret place to buy herbs –   500 items by the pound inexpensive.

Tabebuia serratifolia  Grapefruit seed extract  do your research, this is just a small start.


Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally




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