Thai Coconut Soup

For Busy Cooks – Thai Coconut Yellow Curry Soup, Chicken or Fish

The ingredients are the same as Thai Coconut soup but the steps I use are for a busy American family that has meat frozen in the freezer and not fresh in the refrigerator.

Depending on the vegetables you have on hand this soup can take on many looks. I prefer to use cabbage – green or Asian types with carrots and onions. These vegetables cook to a crisp tender in about fifteen minutes and if you have leftovers they look and taste just as good the next day.

I buy skinless, boneless, free-range chicken thighs on sale and freeze the packages. I buy frozen serving size pieces of fish usually Cod. Both are easy for this soup. I take a package of frozen chicken and dump it into a sauce pan (or Dutch oven) large enough to take the package and put about one to two cups of water in the pot. Usually the little pad that absorbs the liquid is frozen to the chicken, that’s OK it will come off quickly. Heat till the water boils and cover the pot, in a few minutes you can peel the pad off and dispose of it.

Thai Coconut Yellow Curry Soup – Chicken or Fish

1 13.5 oz can coconut milk
1 tablespoon coconut oil
3 tablespoons Thai fish sauce
1 tablespoon canned coconut sugar or sugar
1 to 3 tablespoons Thai yellow curry paste
½ head of cabbage or Asian cabbage to equal ½ head
1 ½ cups sliced carrots
1 medium onion
chicken or fish
this is not an exact measure recipe
use what vegetables you have on hand
4 to 5 cups vegetables will make 4 servings
if using frozen chicken
dump chicken in large sauce pan or Dutch oven
pour in up to two cups water and bring to a boil
cover and cook till chicken is cooked and no pink left
if using fish
put several pieces of fish, 1 per person in a fry pan
add a small amount of water ¼ cup or so
put a lid on fish and cook till just done
remove from heat and let sit
in a small non-stick fry pan melt 1 tablespoon oil
add curry paste
1 tablespoon – mild heat up to 3 tablespoon hot heat
the flavor is there just the amount of heat changes
stir curry and oil together
add 1 tablespoon coconut sugar or sugar stir
add the fish sauce and stir for a few minutes
till well combined and you can smell the flavor
if using chicken
take chicken out of cooking water and set aside
pour the curry mixture into the chicken water
add can of coconut milk and bring to a boil
add cut up vegetables course cut cabbage
I cut one inch by one and a half-inch chunks
if using fish
make the curry directly in the Dutch oven or large pan
add the coconut milk and two cups water
bring to a boil
add vegetables
when everything is in the pot and has come to a boil
reduce heat to low and cover pot
cook till vegetables are still crisp but tender
about fifteen minutes
if chicken, add chicken (cut in bite sized pieces)back
into pot when everything is cooked
if fish dish up bowls of soup and put fish on top
Enjoy, this is a delicious and easy to make dinner.
Try this and please leave your comments on what you liked or didn’t like
and your suggestions are  welcomed. I love trying new things!

Create the Life You Want to Live,

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