Chocolate Walnut Brownies no-bake

Chocolate Walnut Brownies no-bake

3 cups of walnuts
1 cup canned coconut sugar *
2/3 cup of carob power or cocoa
1 tsp vanilla
1 Tbs water
1 pinch sea salt

Put nuts in a food processor and grind med grind,
remove 1/2 cup to put on top.
Add carob or cocoa, salt and grind to chop nuts small. 
Add coconut sugar, vanilla and water, mix until well blended.
Line an 8×8 pan with parchment paper with a long strip going over one side,
across the bottom and up the other side (to make it easy to take out of pan).
Pat the brownie mixture evenly across the pan,  sprinkle with the reserved nuts
and push them down so they stick to the top.
Refrigerate until cold,  lift from pan, cut and enjoy.

*If you have never used or heard of coconut sugar before, I am writing an article soon about this wonderful and healthful food.  Use some honey or sucanat sugar and adjust the water to none or you may even have to add 1/2 cup extra walnuts if using honey.

These brownies are absolutely wonderful and you can even eat right off the spoon if you are having a chocolate attack.                             Walnuts       processed cocoa

Cocoa, Walnuts – health benefits

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    This is the twenty ten theme. Did you try the brownies?

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