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Now and then there is a breakthrough worthy of attention. I’m excited to share one with you today.

It is a four-year old network marketing or MLM company that is changing it’s customer program. Customers still can buy retail from Associates connected with the company but there is now a preferred customer that can buy at wholesale.

It’s as easy as 123

1. you become a preferred customer just like at Sam’s club
and Costco by joining for $19.99.
2. you decide what product(s) you want(no minimum dollar need)
3. you set up an auto-ship
you pick the products
you pick the day of the month
you can pick different items each month
you buy everything at wholesale prices

The above is a game changer but things get even better.

If and only if you want it!   It’s up to you, you choose.

As a customer, if you tell friends or family about a product you just love – how it works or what it does for you or there is a product that could really help with a problem they have. Before, you the customer had to say, “I will get in-touch with the person that signed me up as a customer and they can sign you up too”. The company associate got the commission on your friends order.

Not anymore now you the customer can sign up your friends and family(again,only if you want to)  even co-workers or who ever you wish and you make 25% of their order CV. ( 35% on their first order, an extra 10% for signing them up)

CV stands for customer volume and is the number network marketing companies pay commissions on.

Example; our Gold Serum retails for $60.
You as a preferred customer pay $30.
The CV is 27 (each point equals one dollar)
25% of 27 cv  = $6.75
You immediately get $6.75 in your e wallet. Next month when your order goes out you pay $6.75 less (than wholesale price) for your Gold serum or what ever you have on auto-ship.

You as a customer can also sign up new Associates under you if someone decides that this would be a great business for them.(It is a great business, by the way)

e wallet is new to network marketing (other companies don’t have this either) it shows transactions in real-time (as they happen) you know instantly when someone places an order. As a preferred customer you can only use the money in your e wallet to pay for your products.

If at any time you a preferred customer decides to become an associate you can. Associates can use their e wallet money to pay for product and/or take a check.

No other Network Marketing Company or MLM has these features. We are pioneering this brave new customer empowering movement. It will revolutionize this industry

If you are an associate now or in the future – just look, think, imagine what this will do for your business.

 A company in the health and wellness industry.
A company with innovative products.
A company with an innovative customer program.
A company with an innovative e wallet program.
A company that listens to their associates.
A company with 7 streams of compensation.

It doesn’t cost a ‘arm and a leg’ to get started in this company either.

This is a company you should take a serious look at.
As a customer or as an associate.

This new program is here now!

Want more information?  Want to talk?

call me; 801-689-6951

email me;


Click here to sign up



Create the Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally

About Juanita

An entrepreneur that has tied all my passions into my now life's work. Self-employment and belief in having many streams of income, natural health practices, organic gardening, live enzyme rich body nourishing foods, electrical, vibrational and intrinsic energies in my marketing endeavors.
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