Distracted Drivers

Distracted Drivers on our Roadways

Wednesday of last week while traveling I-15 in Salt Lake City, at rush hour I was hit from behind by an eighteen year old distracted driver.  When we finally exited the freeway with the help of two highway patrol cars and the paperwork was being completed, I asked the young driver if he had been on his cell phone, he said, “no, looking at the GPS”.

I have been in only one other accident in my 45 years of driving, and that was another distracted driver that was test driving a relatives car and was tuning the radio to a station he wanted to listen to. I was eighteen years old and had just bought my car three days before the accident.  It was totaled.

Ironic to me, April was recognized as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. FirstGroup America Supports the National Safety Council’s Pledge to End Sacramento Bee

National Safety Council (NSC) estimates  almost 25% of all auto crashes are due to cell phone use. More accidents are caused by cell phone use than any other reason, add to that GPS watching and tuning the radio and there are hundreds of thousands of needless accidents.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

I was stopped on the freeway and the driver behind me actually had plenty of room and time to stop if he had his eyes on the road.  I stayed in the fast lane because he was staying a decent amount of space behind me and since the traffic had been freeway speeds than slowing and speeding again I liked the truck behind me was leaving the same amount of distance I leave between my car and the car in front of me.

Are Other Drivers Watching the Road?

The only important thing you can’t always tell about other drivers is if they are paying attention to the road or something else.

Yes I have insurance and the other driver’s family has insurance, but that is beside the point.  The thing is now my car is damaged and I had a concussion and my neck hurt from the force of the impact.  I know also that this was an  accident but, this was one of the accidents that didn’t have to happen.

After three doctor visits my doctor released me today from any further treatment because of the accident, and he said I was very lucky that I didn’t have more serious injuries and I said luck had some to do with it, but also it’s because I get my body adjusted every three weeks, that I was in excellent condition and that’s mostly why I wasn’t hurt more seriously.

Here are some of the things I have already done and still have to do because of the accident

  • get estimates for the car
  • go to the Chiropractor (3 times)
  • will be a week without a car
  • deal with the parents, they asked to do this without insurance involvement, another child will be driving soon
  • I agreed to no insurance after I was assured it is legal
  • I will miss a three-day seminar (no car)
  • all the time and inconvenience

No one thinks about what the non-fault party has to do, the inconveniences they have to go through.  What if your car is totaled?  Then looking for another vehicle, is there enough money to buy a good car? The kind of car you want?  You buy a used one , how was it taken care of. Will it last and be as good as the car totaled?

I am a good person, I’m not trying to ‘take’ this family for anything, actually I will be and have been the one inconvenienced by all this and it will continue until the car is fixed and back in my hands.  No car for a week is a big one but I can manage, I’ll miss the conference and a few other things.  The point I am trying to make here is that distracted driving affects more than just the accident time it’s self.  I wish people would think first before they act.  It would save us all a lot of grief.

I am very grateful that neither one of us was seriously hurt. This time we were lucky, not everyone is.

What are your thoughts, ever drive distracted or been in an accident that someone else was?

Create The Life You Want to Live,

Juanita ~ Evolving Naturally


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