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Recipes – a lot raw or fermented food dishes. Mouth watering can’t tell it’s raw or mostly raw foods! Cooked too. All home make from scratch.

Cilantro is natures chelator

What is a Chelator? Chelators are small molecules that bind very tightly to metal ions.   The word “chelate” comes from the Greek word “chele,” which means “claw.”  The process by which a molecule from a nutrient (or chemical) surrounds and … Continue reading

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Coconut Sugar A Review

Why Coconut Sugar is the Only Sugar I Use! Low glycemic index of 35. high in potassium, magnesium, iron, boron, zinc, sulfur, and copper. Environmentally friendly. Everything from coconuts is healthy for the body. Taste. Coconut sugar keeps your blood … Continue reading

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Chocolate Walnut Brownies no-bake

Chocolate Walnut Brownies no-bake 3 cups of walnuts 1 cup canned coconut sugar * 2/3 cup of carob power or cocoa 1 tsp vanilla 1 Tbs water 1 pinch sea salt Put nuts in a food processor and grind med … Continue reading

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