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Juanita Seath
Evolving, growing in natural health practices, foods and as entrepreneurs in internet marketing and network marketing are the main focuses of Evolving Naturally. From just learning to cook to evolving in more natural raw foods preparation, from taking pharmaceuticals to evolving to using herbs, enzymes and whole foods for healing and excellent health and in just starting out in being your own boss (an entrepreneur ) part-time to a full-time internet and or network marketing business, these are the subjects that over time this site will become a repository of professional advice that will help people stay or become healthy and help people to make money online. 

Please use any materials for your own blog or websites you like, be sure to bookmark Evolving Naturally today and come back often for tips, tricks and tools to Create the Life you Want to Live.

My passions, the things I love are (in no particular order) natural health practices,  far infrared, Zero Point Energy, Negative Ions, nutritional s, organics, herbs, enzymes, super foods, marketing, people and their well-being, learning, researching, organic gardening and healing energy as in electrical and vibrational frequencies. The future of medicine is in the frequencies (light) of the body. Help the body fix the frequencies, the body runs perfectly.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will come back often!

Juanita Seath

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  1. watch movie says:

    I definitely love your internet site but you need to verify the spelling on a number of of your content pieces. A number of of them are rife with spelling errors and I find it very bothersome to be honest nevertheless I probably will come back again.

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